Friday, March 16, 2012

Tinned Creamy Cheese-y No-No's

Reading up a couple of blogs and websites just clicked on It's a decent website for all sorts of cuisines.But,the "healthy" section really isn't healthy (IMO) since they have added loads of cream,cheese,tinned/frozen veggies in it.No idea how the inclusion of these ingredients makes healthy,high in nutrition recipes!

Indian cuisine is predominantly infamous for being high calorie-d,spicy and full of oily delicacies.Surprisingly,an average Indian consumes less than 500 calories per meal daily.The basic meals in any Indian household are home-made,fresh,rich in carbs,iron,vitamins,folic acid and proteins.A vegetarian meal might be a little deficient in protein as paneer,chicken and eggs are not included in everyday meals.
I must acknowledge that those who have "ghee" everyday (in controlled amounts) are sharp brained and have a flawless skin! Not sure if highly processed cheese/condensed milk do that to you

I'd prefer my traditional meal (any regional meal in India) over the pastas and soups made from frozen veggies etc (Microwave is the mantra)

Chopping,Cutting,grinding are such fun activities.They are a stress buster! Replacing these to quick and easy lean meals would have a big NO!

How about cooking fresh soups,salads,breads and gravies with fresher ingredients (really,it's okay if they aren't organic! anything is better than tins and frozen bags!) on a daily basis? For those who are always on the go might want to cook food for a couple of days and refrigerate,isn't it?

Let's eat healthy and stay fit for the world to be a better place to live!

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