Saturday, March 17, 2012

A hearty Saturday lunch!

After an awesome yoga class in the wee hours of the day (it's weekend so 9.30 am sounds like 2 am to most :)) wanted to have a hearty meal.

Nothing great really,but just wanted to swipe my refrigerator clean before the newer produce moves in over the weekend.So,here I was with one big bottle gourd (lauki/dudhi),some dried thyme and a couple of potatoes waiting for a bright spark to light! 

Finally thought of soup after a monologue (was supposed to be a discussion though) with my husband Rohan (isn't that a household thing? :P).

For those who might be wondering if CWM has any intentions to finally share a soup recipe,here's a hearty soup recipe that cuts the dairy (Read:No cheese,milk,heavy cream) ingredients completely (apart from 1tbsp salted butter)!

Here's my version of hearty with sufficiently odd ingredients...

The odds from the refrigerator..

1. One whole bottle gourd (de-skinned,diced)
2. 3 potatoes (small ones,de-skinned and diced)
3. 1tbsp salted butter
4. loads of water
5. 2tsp thyme
6. 1tsp black pepper
7. salt to taste
8. Crushed garlic and ginger (1tsp)

What next?
1. Add the butter in a pressure cooker (any crock pot with a lid) and as it melts push in the ginger-garlic.Saute.
2. Slide the potatoes and bottle gourd.
3. Add loads of water,let it simmer for 5 min,then blend in a mixer until creamy.
 4. Shift it back to the cooker;add all the spices and allow it to pressure cook (2 whistles).
5. Set it aside until the lid's ready to be opened.
6.Serve hot with your choice of rustic bread.

Enjoy a hearty lunch over a rainy weekend!! Something better (nutrition wise) over pakodas and fritte!!

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