Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Healthy Patty Chaat

The ever-increasing love for Chaats (savory,spicy,street food) is the sign of a true Bombay-ite. The best street food in India,particularly the chaats hail from Bombay.

Growing up in an Urban yet traditional home,eating street food wasn't exactly entertained much.The result,the deprivation from eating street food and a mandatory chore for mother to do every time I craved for it.Then it felt so unfair.Though today the little one at home hardly eats anything store bought.Perhaps,the emphasis on eating home cooked stuff became clearer now better than ever before.

Salute to the street food is a must! Building a recipe that would utilize fresh,nutritious ingredients and yet maintain the savory,spicy flavours intact is quite tough.But,there's no harm trying,isn't it?

Here's a healthy version of "tikki" chaat (patty snack) which skips the "ragda/chole" (the white bean sauce or gravy served over the patties) and chopped onions.If you miss it too much,feel free to add it :)

For the Patty aka Tikki...

1. 1/2 c raggi/malt/nachani flour.
2. 2 eggs (organic would be lovely).
3. 1/2 c chopped fenugreek leaves (methi)
4. 5 tbsp boiled black eyed beans.
5. 3-4 peeled,shredded potatoes.
6. salt to taste.
7. 2-3 tsp cilantro-cumin powder.
8.1 bread slice.
9. 1-2 tsp garam masala/curry powder.
10. 3 tbsp oil/cooking spray (to set the patties on a pan from burning or getting stuck).
11.10-12 grapes-cut in half.

For the quick "ragda"/sauce"...

1. 1/2 c non-fat plain yogurt.
2. red chili sauce.
3. 1/4 c sev (fried noodles).
4.chopped fenugreek leaves for garnish.

Assemble it all

1. Mix all the ingredients mentioned for the patty (break the eggs,beat and add them too). Make small balls,flatten them like a burger patty and let them on a flat pan to cook,changing sides.The crust would be crisp once they cook.Set them aside (about 20).

2.Fold in the red chili sauce (As per desired) into beaten yogurt.

Finish and Serve..

Place the patties (2 per serving) in a dish,spoon the sauce over it followed by the chutney and sev.Finally garnish it with chopped fenugreek/cilantro!

Believe it folks,they tasted awesome! A healthier option to street food!


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