Wednesday, October 14, 2009

चुरम्याचे लाडू (Sweet Wheat Flour Balls)

One of my favourite grains is Wheat.I always try to frame my recipes with wheat instead of all purpose flour or chickpea flour.Its a healthier option relatively.

In India,Aai would prepare heavenly “कणकेचे लाडू” (wheat flour & crushed fried poha sweet balls) & “बेसनाचे लाडू” (chickpea/gram flour sweet balls) for Diwali.But,those are very common and most of us know more about them than I do! So,took up the task to make “चुरम्याचे लाडू” (Sweet Wheat Flour Balls).

The Twist in Tale was that my back gave up without a notice in the  morning and I could not sit up for long.No matter what I did not wish to quit the project deadline and called up my friend Madhulika Hardas-Gowardhan from Los Alamos,New Mexico who so sweetly agreed to do it for me.She was game for the challenge in spite of a fatal injury while making this recipe.Hats off to Madame Madhulika and her successful efforts to make the Laduus.

madhulika Well,Madhulika is an engineer by profession,every smiling with an adorable personality and loves experimenting with international cuisine.She is one of the school buddies of Rohan from Somalwar,Nagpur.We haven’t met yet but have become close friends in the last few months.Perhaps,we have to be reminded of she being Rohan’s friend,isn’t it MHG?



DSC08300So,this is Madhulika ’s version of Churmyache Laduu (reference manual was Ruchira),in her own words and it goes…

Dear Readers,I made it enough for 2 people.But,you guys can use the same proportions and make for any number of persons.The Ingredients are as follows

  • 1/2 muffin-full bowl of wheat flour
  • 1 muffin-full bowl of ground sugar (pithi sakhar).The sugar should be more than the quantity of wheat flour taken.The sugar in the USA is highly processed and fine in texture,so I used it as it is without grounding it.
  • Ghee for frying.As Cookwithmoi suggests you may use half-half portions of ghee and vegetable oil.But,the flavour of ghee is unbeatable..I would rather slog in the gym for an hour more,but wont sacrifice the taste.Its Diwali after all!
  • Salt to taste
  • Some cardamom powder for flavour (my addition)
  • Some raisins for decoration (my addition)

Total Time=Cooking Time+Preparation Time=180 minutes max.

The Making of A Wheat Ball

I began making the laduus while my husband Akshay had been for a team dinner and met with an injury that CWM has described as fatal!Anyway,these wheat balls are as simple and as easy as they can be.

Firstly,I kneaded the wheat flour(salt needs to be added) into a dough.CWM had advised me to use some hot ghee while kneading the flour for better results.You may refrain using it if you want to save some calories! I set the dough aside for an hour or so.

churma mutka After an hour, i made small fist-moulds of the dough called “Mutkas”.These are simple to make and one needs to just shut the fists tightly with a ball of the dough inside.I fried these Mutkas in hot ghee until they were golden brown in colour.

pestle_and_mortar The next step is to break them into a fine powder in a pestle & mortar arrangement.Take care that no lumps remain within and the Mutkas are crushed thoroughly.I sieved this powder with a sieve (chalni).I sieved the cardamom powder also along with it.


The most important step was to beat the ghee.Then,I added sugar in the ghee and beat them together.Once the mixture is frothy and gathers lather on the top,I poured it over Mutka powder in a big Plate.I mixed the entire mixture with gentle finger tips.

Finally,just roll the powder into small balls/laduus.Garnish them with raisins or broken cashews.The dry fruits could be added to the powder form of mixture before rolling into balls.

DSC08297 Hope,all of you have a healthy & safe Diwali! Take Good Care Of yourselves :) Enjoyyyyyyy!

Madhulika for Cookwithmoi.

PS:The laduus look awesome.Do send some to Sunnyvale!Thanks so much Madhulika for being the most endearing guest blogger!


  1. Well written ! Thanks to ruchira recipe book and my dearest frd Manasi for giving me a chance to be ur guest blogger !. Please let me know if i can be of any help to u in near future ... you r alwys welcome :)


  2. @ Madhulika: You can anytime write for Cookwithmoi!and thanks to you,i could sit back for a day and relax! :)