Friday, October 22, 2010

Diwali Item List & Rate Card

 Diwali Faral: (order before 27th October 2010)

Olya/sukya Naralachi Karanji (12/pack)=12.5$/pk
1 lbs Besan Laduu in Pure ghere (7-9 nos)=8.5$/lbs
1 lbs Sweet Shankarpale =5.30$/lbs
1 lbs Spicy Shankarpale=5.30$/lbs
1 lbs Poha Chivda=5.00$/lbs
1 lbs Churmura/Kurmura Chivda=3.99$/lbs
1 lbs Khobryachi wadi (coconut wadi)=8$/lbs
All barfis etc/lbs=8$-9.99$/lbs

Other Fresh Items during Diwali: (order at least 1-2 days before the date of delivery)
Flower-mutter karanji (10 nos- med size)=4.99$/2 pieces
Sabudana Wada (10 nos-med size)=2.99$/2 pieces
Batata Wada (10 nos-med size)=3$/2 pieces
Khasta Kachori (10 nos-med size)=3.3$/2 pieces
Batate Pohe=5$/lbs
Kakdi Pohe=5.99$/lbs
Sabudana Khichadi=4$/lbs
Dahi-wada (10 nos/pk)=5.99$/2 pieces
Kheer= 7$/lbs
Gulab Jamun (min 16 nos)=2.5 $/2 pieces

Manasi :)

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