Thursday, March 15, 2012

St.Patrick's day Bruncheon!

Folks,my experiments with green thus begin :)

I m sharing a recipe that made it's way to my cooking table through the refrigerator! The refrigerator is a treasure trouve and on one such expedition I found an organic avaocado,home-made green chutney (chilis,cilantro,ginger,garlic,salt and lemon juice),some roti dough (made it extra 2 days ago and forgot) and paneer waiting for their turn to be discovered!

The time was slipping by and did not seem to promising to make veggies and rotis so I tried fusing everything together.

Well,made Avo-Paneer parathas! They turned out to be awesome! This recipe is for those who like avocado and want to skip potato completely!


1.@1/2 C shredded paneer
2. 2-3 tbsp green chutney
3. salt to taste
4. 3/4 avocado-peeled,pitted and mushed (my son ate 1/4th of it!)
5. loads of cilantro (optional)
6. 1 tsp coriander-cumin powder (dhana jeera powder)
7. and dough to make the outer shell of the paratha

On a closer view of ingredients we have included proteins+calcium (paneer-dairy),iron (cilantro) and carbs (wheat) in this recipe!

How Does one do it??

1. Mash all the ingredients together and set aside.Refrigerate to dehydrate it for 10 min (optional).
2. Roll 0.3cm thick rotis of 4" diameter.
3. Scoop some stuffing into them at the centre and make a small bag (similar to modak/dumplings/dim-sums)
4. Roll gently into a 6 " diameter paratha.One needs to control the pressure on the paratha while rolling as well as the amount of stuffing to avoid splits while rolling.Apart from that the amount of green chutney needs to be optimum,it tends to make the stuffing moist,damp and liquidy.

5. Gently lay the paratha on a flat skillet/pan.Smear little oil (optional) on either sides.
6. Serve with yogurt and tomato ketchup!

Enjoy Madi!!

Prep time:10-15 min
Cooking time:5 minutes
Total time:20 min

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