Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yayy! I m back!

Have been on a very long hiatus (about 18 months or so!).We had our first born last July 31 and the pre and post pregnancy paraphernalia took its toll on me.My teething son Udeet is 7 months and wishes to eat everything! It's not surprising to have a foodie child to equally crazy food lovers like us ,isn't it? :D

BTW,this is also to announce a long punctuation to my big American dream of Catering in the bay area :( and that we are moving back to our homeland this summer (at least until I practice architecture for some years,yay!)

I have begun the routine post-preggie schedule with yoga,gym and healthy dieting.We are consciously making an effort to eat organic fruits,veggies,dairy and poultry.It makes the effort bear fruit faster.

Like all the newly parent-ed we also find it difficult to eat out,and to-go's aren't as interesting as much as the experience of dining into a restaurant au mileu d'ambience etc!

We tried skipping alcohol for the month of february to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! And,it worked so far baring two glasses of wine gulped over Ashwin's home coming luncheon (b-i-l).

It's difficult to cook a typical indian square meal with a naughty child in tow.I have been working on some quick-ies to be able to enjoy a wholesome,nutritious meal without the cliche!

I'd be focussing on varieties of soups,juices,salads,pulao,sandwiches/frankies/rolls and parathas!

The real challenge is to include pulses,lentils,legumes,cereals,veggies,fruits,condiments,oil,dairy and poultry in the recipes in an optimum combination.The categories chosen could broadly be described as "push-it in"kinds! One could add all/some in them!

So,watch out for this space soon to be full of healthy recipes for your family and kids too! 

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