Thursday, October 22, 2009

The World Culture avec Cook With Moi…

Absolute Foodies love experiencing new tastes,discovering newer flavours and better ways to keep glutton within contented.US is one of the best places in the world to experiment with variety of cuisines.Though India food tops the list of favourites,Italian,Thai and others also interest me.

sanchi_stupas tourists03

Paithani_Sari_01_00002 perfume-bottle  Over 20 days of hard-core cookery blogging have drained me.Instead of going on an undeserved hiatus,I decided to combine work and leisure activity over this weekend.

img_restaurants_reviews Danielle Cook with moi  would be celebrating “The World Culture Week”.I would be sharing some international recipes,restaurant reviews,product reviews,shopping ,art,music,dance architecture,music and tourism related experiences with all the readers and save the trouble of browsing through Yelp during the festive season.

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Of course,its an open invitation for all to join in and voice a liberal quote of opinion.So,keep the mails and comments flooding into the mail box!

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