Tuesday, October 20, 2009

“मुगोरे” (Moong Daal/Split Bengal Gram Fritters)

Rains are here.Seems déjà-vu! In Bombay,rains were best enjoyed without umbrella (getting drenched) followed by hot masala (spicy) tea and lovely spicy pakodas (fritters)! No French Fries or Chips could ever beat them (no offense meant :P).IMG_6849

I flew an interesting recipe for tasty “Mugore” (Moong Daal/Split Bengal Gram Fritters) to the beautiful city of San Diego,CA at Anuja’s place.

IMG_5887_1 Anuja Tajpuriya-Agrawal is my husband’s best friend’s (Yogi) wife.An architect by profession and a qualified cook too (Source:Thanks to Yogi’s  post marriage rapid development in weight gain :P).



Anuja’s Quote

“I would like to dedicate this blog in the memory of my father Dr. Ram Tajpuriya. Pakoras were his favorite snacks.Pakoras with chai (tea)  reminds me of damp monsoon evening. Although it doesn't rain in San Diego but the pleasant fall weather can always be a reason for munching on pakoras.Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did”. 



  • 1 muffin-full bowl of Moong daal /Split Bengal Gram(soaked in water overnight or for 2 hours,you may add a pinch of eating soda if desired).I kept it soaked in water only for few hours.

  • ginger

  • garlic-I skipped it!

  • salt

  • green chilies

  • 1 muffin-full bowl of Freshly shredded coconut (I skipped it)

  • 1-2 tsp coriander powder (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • 1-2 tsp garam masala (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • 1 tsp lime juice/amchur powder (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • red chili powder (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • 1 tsp cumin powder (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • freshly chopped coriander (Manasi’s suggestion)

  • Any other dal or veggies (Manasi’s suggestion-I skipped it)

  • Chopped Onion (My addition)

Fry me Flat,Ball it Over!

I blended the daal in the mixer with all the ingredients. However,i took care that it does not become very thin or liquid so that it would be easy to fry them or bake them.Then,I beat this mixture thoroughly.


Book Vs Moi

The book suggests that one should flatten the beaten batter into small rounds and then fry them.However,one can make such rounds and bake them as well or just put them over a flat pan like pancakes.Its easier to bake them with flat circles.

IMG_6845 But,overwhelmed with the Diwali Mood,I fried them! Served it with mint chutney and tomato ketchup! Relish the fritters with loved ones over a hot ginger tea!



Anuja’s Cornerstone

IMG_6852 “How I wish Papa was here to have his favourite pakodas in the midst of fall colours.But,he would always be there within my memories,intact & precious.To my wonderful father”.


Anuja,San Diego,CA :)

P.S:Anuja,Uncle would be a proud man today! May his soul rest in peace and find you in bloom of happiness …CookWithMoi et Beaucoup de merci…hope to have you more often on the blog circuit!


  1. @ Anuja:the pakodas look yummy! send some here too!

  2. Hey thanks manasi!!!! I would love to be on your blog..

  3. @ Anu:sure.is it anuja or someone else?

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  5. pakodas were awesome!! may be i'll gain some more weight :P

  6. @ Yogi:I m quite certain of that! Anuja is defintely a great cook...she taught you to eat Baingan Ka bharta! she deserves accolades for that for sure!

  7. hi Anuja :P,
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)Your blog seems interesting with lovely write ups and recipes. I'll visit you more often,I'll be back to the blogging world very soon as right now am busy with relocating and stuff and yet to get a i.net connection ...shall see u around!
    Till then ...
    God Bless

  8. @ Suparna:Thanks for appreciating the blog.would be a pleasure to have you here! btw,one correction,Anuja is the guest blogger for today while I (Manasi) write posts normally.The rest are contributors.
    best of luck with your relocation.loved your blog!

  9. pakodas look awesome bhabhi.. :D..i wanna have some..pics are amazing bhabhi..bhaiya vil definately gain weight..

  10. mom loved the pics..wants to eat some..u r an artist bhabhi..love u..

  11. @ mots:thanks for appreciating Anuja's creative efforts!

  12. Hey Guys thanks for the appreciation... All thanks to manasi. Btw the anu and anuja are same :)

  13. Wow Anuja...Mu pe Paani aa gaya...It looks yummy...Also well presented....:)

  14. @Anu:Anu is a nice abbreviation for Anuja! And,don't thank me at all,the effort was all yours.hence,enjoy the limelight!

  15. @Shamal:The stuff looks so good and the bad part is Anuja & Yogi ate it all by themselves :(
    this is shear injustice to Foodies like us!

  16. hey i'm so glad to read this first ever thing written by you............yogesh has made a difference to anu i knew............ :))))))))))) i'm so happy........:)))))))))

  17. hey moti only few lines have been written by me rest was composed by manasi....

  18. @Anu & Neeti: Lets give the entire credit to Anuja.Yogesh just ate it,so he deserves a little if not all the credit!!!Anuja Rocks!

  19. Nice recipe!!... Prepared it y'day evening and tasted really good.. Thanks :)

  20. @ Nivedita: Thanks! do try the others as well :)Many more of these to come from India (30th oct onwards)!!!!

  21. Hi Manasi,

    pleased to discover your recipes;

    it's so nice reading you, and I love to know the traditional(original) ways of doing anything, the cultural habits and rituals that one is used to and following them inspite of being miles away from the motherland ( read your shrikand and Saffron Mint Lime juice which are nice recipes too)!
    moong dhal fritters sound delicious; Pakoras are one of my favourite tea-time snacks! love it piping hot with a masala tea :) I do it with channa dhal usually! Moong dhal is a very nice substitution too! lovely blog!

  22. @ Akal's Saappadu:Thanks so much for appreciating these recipes.Will love to hear more often from you.Your blog is very inspiring for a naivette like moi!