Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diwali Week & Half Special!

1Folks,tomorrow begins the week before Diwali and I am gearing up for the “(फराळ) faral get-together” which would be at my place (Thursday,15th October, 2009) to rejuvenate the Indian style of Deepavali snack preparations! Its going to be fun!

1956857033_a8cf1033e4 But,before that I am going to try my hand on few unique Diwali goodies from my source book “Ruchira”.

diwali-rangoli-2 Here’s the schedule of goodies that would be made by me & my friends [on Thursday: Preeti (Colorado), Karishma(Santa Clara) & Shraddha (San Jose) would join me too].

12th October,Mon Kobichya Wadya (Spicy Cabbage Cake)
13th October,Tue Khajurachi Poli (Sweet Paratha made of Dates) & Guest Blogger Special
14th October,Wed Churmyache Ladoo (Wheat flour Balls),
Fruit Salad,Amsulache Saar (Wild mangosteen/ red mangosteen Soup)
15th October,Thurs Kanik-Besan-Tandulachya pithichi Chakli (Broken Mixed Grain Fritters)
Goad Shankar pale (diamond shaped sweet cookies)
16th October,Fri Chikuuchya (Sapota)Wadya (Manilkara achras sweet munchkins)
17th October,Sat Suka Meva Kheer (Dry Fruit Porridge)
18th October,Sun Mugore (Spicy fritters of Spilt Bengal Gram)
19th October,Mon Ratalyache Kaap (Sweet Potato Munchkins)
20th October,Tue Kadbu
21st October,Wed Pakatlya Purya (Sugary Puris)

Hope,all of you enjoy the a la carte!

festival-diwali-crackers1 शुभ दीपावली,लोभ असावा,

भारतीय सहचारिणी !

(So long, farewell and keep in touch with Cookwithmoi!)


  1. Hey Manasi,
    nice work with this blog, I mean RUCHIRA is one book every Maharashtrian Girl grows up with...
    and a blog for the RUCHIRA Recipes, great!!!
    Keep Blogging and keep Cooking!!!

  2. @ Amu:Thanks for those celebrity comments! Hope to get more of those from you :)
    btw,Amrutha(my school friend) makes an apperance on "amhi sare khavaiyye" with Nilesh Limaye!