Friday, October 16, 2009

“वेलदोड्याचे शंकरपाळे” (Diamond shaped sweet cookies)

One of my all time favourite Diwali snack is “shankarpala” or “shakkarpara”.Crispy,sweet & crunchy.Ruchira had an ultimate recipe for my favourite sweet snacker!

IMG_3132The only thing that one needs to possess while making a delicacy of any origin is Determination,Patience and Perseverance! So,wrap up all the impulsiveness & extend your tolerance limits.Once, the basics are with you,the journey is relatively smooth.

I have received mails from few amongst the ardent readers of Cookwithmoi appreciating the object of this blog.Progressively,the projects would vary but the Determination,Patience and Perseverance would persist.

On that note,let me introduce the ingredients required to make Veldodyache Shankarpale (cardamom flavoured diamond shaped sweet cookies).

Total Time=Cooking Time +Preparation Time=2 hours 45 min.

IMG_3105 IMG_3106


  • 2 muffin-full bowls of all purpose flour (maida).Aai uses half-half portion of wheat flour & all purpose flour,one may opt for that.However,I followed the book and used maida.
  • 1/2 muffin-full bowl of hot pure ghee for kneading the dough (मोहन).
  • 1 and half muffin-full bowls of sugar.The quantity of sugar might seem to be more,but the sugar in US is processed & less sweet than the coarser one in India.However,I would suggest that readers must use their  discretion.
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/8 muffin-full bowl of milk to knead the dough.
  • Pure ghee for frying-I used a combination of ghee and vegetable cooking oil instead of entire quantity of pure ghee.
  • 1-2 tsps cardamom powder-(my addition)
  • 2 pinches of eating soda (my addition)

Knead the Dough,Origami & Deep frying

After adding soda,salt,hot ghee,cardamom powder and sugar to the maida,I mixed it well with hands.I prefer using a flat cookie tray or likewise so that one can play with the dough enough without getting stuff around dirty.I kneaded the mixture with milk (water is also fine).Then,I set the dough aside for 2 hours.


2 hours later,I divided the dough into small balls @ 5 nos.Then,Rohan rolled every ball (one at a time) into a flat (not very thin) roti.Using the Paula Deen Pastry Wheel,cut it criss-cross to form numerous rhombus.That’s the conventional shape,any other would also be fine.

The ghee-vegetable oil mixture had been heating over a medium-high flame.To verify that the temperature was optimum,I made a very tiny-miny ball of the dough and pushed it in.The ball rose up soon.

IMG_3133 I slowly put the diamond shaped roti pieces into the oil-ghee pan that Rohan passed on to me.Allowed them to fry until golden or a little darker would also do for me since they taste really awesome.However,take care that they don’t burn.





IMG_3131 Laid them over tissue to take off all the excess ghee.Finally,the perfect bite…crispy & crunchy,sweet & yummy!



As Madhulika says,Enjoyyy the Diwali Pahat (early hours of post mid-night-early morning of Diwali) with loved ones :)

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  1. @ Rohan: Thanks for those wonderfully cut cookie strips!