Sunday, October 31, 2010

Diwali Specials...

Hey Buddies,

TBP is overwhelmed with your response for Diwali Faral Orders! We are completely sold out! However,we are still accepting orders for Diwali Specials..
Ravyacha Sheera :8 $/lbs
Shrikhand:8 $/lbs
Basundi:9.99 $/lbs
Shevayanchi kheer: 8 $/lbs
Gajar Halwa:9 $/lbs
Gulab jamun (min 12 nos):2.5 $/2 pieces
Flower-batata karanji (min 10 nos): 4.99$/2 pieces
Batata wada(min 10 nos):3 $/2 pieces
Sabudana Wada (min 10 nos):3.99$ /2pieces

All you wonderful people..order now!!

TBP :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ukdiche Modak?

We are now accepting orders for Ukdiche Modak that you guys could relish during Diwali.Place your orders now!! 4.5$/ 2 pieces of Ukdiche Modak!!

enjoy and order in now!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sold out!!!!

Hey Guys,

We have now officially stopped acceptance of any orders for Diwali Faral! *You may order diwali specials during which would be available in Diwali (1st Nov-10th Nov).

*(Please order at least 24 hours earlier to place orders for specials.)

TBP :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Extended the time :)

We have received tonnes of requests to extend the order acceptance deadline to 26th October! So,please hurry and fix up your orders now!!


Diwali Snack Orders closing by today eve!

whoa! what a response from you guys! thanks a bunch is an understatement of expressing gratitude! TBP is getting over booked for Diwali Snack items! We would unfortunately not be able to accept any more orders for "faral items" after today.However,you may order for other items to be delivered during Diwali!

Bachelors,the weekly pick-ups would have wait until 31st oct! Sorry for the inconvenience..we will definitely make up for it during and after diwali!!

TBP :)

Hurry! Diwali Snack Orders Fast Filling!!!

27th October is fast approaching and TBP is going to be soon full to the brim! So,order ASAP! We'd love to accept your requests and deliver them just in time to feast over this Diwali.So,hurry up and mail us today at or call us.

Awaiting your calls anxiously :)
*Diwali Gifts for all Bay area Folks in CA!!

Tc,Cya soon.

(*on orders above 55$ placed on 20th october 2010)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Bombay Post : Cosmo-Cuisine Caterers @ Santa Clara

TBP is destined to be your BFF,since we accept your orders and make yummylicious fresh food to suit your palette!However,here's a basic rate and menu list:
(*the rates+qty are not applicable to party orders)

Any Generic Subji/Bhaji (dry): 2.99$-8.99$/lbs
Any Generic Subji/Bhaji (usal,rassa,curries etc): 3.5$-8.99$/lbs
Daal Varieties (Amti,Pithle,Daal fry etc): 2.99$-6.5$/lbs
Rice Varieties (fried rice,masale bhaat,tondli bhaat,navratan pulao etc):2.99$-9.99$/lbs
Salads & Raita: 1.99$-4.5$/lbs

We have a wide range of other Bambaiiyyaa snacks and eats too like spicy bhel,ragda pattice,khasta kachori chaat,sev puri,dah batata puri,pani puri,pav bhaji,masala pav...hmmm yum! We also serve Jain food and diet conscious meals!

Just dial in,its just a call away :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Diwali Item List & Rate Card

 Diwali Faral: (order before 27th October 2010)

Olya/sukya Naralachi Karanji (12/pack)=12.5$/pk
1 lbs Besan Laduu in Pure ghere (7-9 nos)=8.5$/lbs
1 lbs Sweet Shankarpale =5.30$/lbs
1 lbs Spicy Shankarpale=5.30$/lbs
1 lbs Poha Chivda=5.00$/lbs
1 lbs Churmura/Kurmura Chivda=3.99$/lbs
1 lbs Khobryachi wadi (coconut wadi)=8$/lbs
All barfis etc/lbs=8$-9.99$/lbs

Other Fresh Items during Diwali: (order at least 1-2 days before the date of delivery)
Flower-mutter karanji (10 nos- med size)=4.99$/2 pieces
Sabudana Wada (10 nos-med size)=2.99$/2 pieces
Batata Wada (10 nos-med size)=3$/2 pieces
Khasta Kachori (10 nos-med size)=3.3$/2 pieces
Batate Pohe=5$/lbs
Kakdi Pohe=5.99$/lbs
Sabudana Khichadi=4$/lbs
Dahi-wada (10 nos/pk)=5.99$/2 pieces
Kheer= 7$/lbs
Gulab Jamun (min 16 nos)=2.5 $/2 pieces

Manasi :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A new venture!!!!

A rare post from one of the most regular bloggers is always a pleasant one, N'est-ce pas? Have been on a long hiatus of research and detox for over a year only after successfully completing all the recipes.Would be posting a few chosen ones (those worked :P) soon.

I have two reasons to celebrate with all my readers aujourd ' hui! Firstly,it's the first year anniversary of the blog and secondly we have started with  "The Bombay Post: Cosmo-Cuisine Catering Services" @ Santa Clara.We shall be catering typical cosmo-cuisine of Bombay (Maharashtrian+Gujju+Chaats+Indo-Chinese +Punjabi) for upto 50 persons.So mail us ASAP at

Waiting for your orders :)